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Sunday, January 5, 2014

When Super Villains Become Super Heroes

I recently finished reading Anti-Venom and I was browsing the reviews that people gave this book on A lot of people were dissing it, because he was now a hero instead of the classic villain. But I on the other hand thought that it was a great tale of redemption. I mean Eddie Brock gets cured of his life threatening cancer, and made into the Anti-Venom symbiote. He then sees a chance to make up for all of the bad stuff he had done as a villain and starts by "curing" a junkie named Jenna. He then teams up with the Punisher to get the kidnapped Jenna from the clutches of a Mexican drug cartel. Although the story was a bit short, and kind of fast paced it had beautiful art; and a moral behind the story. I say "so what if he is now a hero" I liked it very much. I am now currently reading Venom: circle of four.

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