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Friday, January 3, 2014

New Blu Ray Films Not Playing????

As a comic book fanboy, and a lover of movies I could not wait to see the latest X-men film; The Wolverine. Which unfortunately I could not see, because when I put this in my Philips Blu Ray Player it got as far as the 20th Century intro, and then went black screen. I took it out, and looked for any smudges that may have been the guilty party, but alas it was clean of dirt and scratches.  I immediately called Netflix, and while I waited for over a half an hour to talk to customer service; I found out that Sony the maker and patent holder to Blu Ray technology has now put a copyright protection layer on new blu rays. This now makes any blu ray player that is not a Sony brand or affiliated player one that will not play new films until Sony decides to release the fix for all other manufacturers. I do have a friend who had purchased another blu ray player from a smaller manufacturer, and upon contacting them they refunded his money even without the receipt. He then went and purchased a Sony player.

Perhaps I should also purchase this brand, as they have the winning tech on it, and are not wanting to share with other companies, because they want people to buy their players, and the PS4, which is a rival to the new X box one. But I have since given up on console gaming, but that is not the point of this post.

AT the end of the day my solution is that for now to only rent older blu rays from Netflix until this is fixed and to rent the new released blu rays from Redbox, or any blu ray that is stamped "rental only" because those copies are not copyright protected.

That is my rant, and I hope I solved this problem perhaps for someone else who had to deal with this frustration.

The above mentioned film can also be watched here -

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