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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2 New Reviews : Super, IFC film, and Dr. Sleep ( The Shining 2)

SO this past holiday weekend I was pretty busy writing a few reviews. I watched the IFC film, Super on Netflix over the holiday week, and I got an opportunity to write a review of for Squidoo.  I had seen the trailer for this from a movie I had rented from Redbox, and it looked interesting. I am not a fan of The Office, but I noticed that the main character is from that popular show. It also stars a couple of other well know actors, such as Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon (who was rumoured to be a last minute replacement), and Ellen Page. People have compared this to Kick Ass, and it is about a vigilante type of anti-hero who wields a pipe wrench to take out wrong doers.

Another book review of one of my top 5 books from 2013-

I really enjoyed this book and I rated it 5 stars on It really reminded me of the classic King that I remember reading as a teen. If you are looking to either follow up on the The Shining or just looking to read a thrilling book feel free to read this. I will leave a link to where this book can be purchased down below.

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