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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Authors Seeking Reviews :FAQ

I have been approached by a few authors to review their books, and I wanted to make a note of this as to the conditions I accept books under. I do not accept too many books from independent authors anymore. My best advice is to approach NetGalley or Goodreads. Please use your publisher. I have had way too many independent authors be very unprofessional about book reviews to even bother wasting my time. Book reviewers are doing you a favor we are not being paid to provide you with stunning 5-star reviews if your book is garbage.

 E-Books are fine, but please see if your book is a match for me. If no one else has faith to print your book than it is probably not worth my time to read it.

I will read and review your book at my leisure, and guarantee an honest review.

Noting that I will post a review on my youtube and goodreads account when I am finished. I'm doing you a favor, so please do not get upset if it is not as fast or the review you want to hear. I'm not getting paid for this remember.

Please browse what I have already read if you are not sure that your book is appropriate for me to review. I won't waste your time and I do not want to waste my own.

I have to add another note to this posting because I recently had this happen to me. If you want me to consider reading your book....please DO NOT use a copy and paste general email to contact me. If you cannot take the time to find out who I am, then why should I do a favor for you???? I had an author send me a request and he had it addressed to a "Miriam". Yeah, check your message before you forward it on. Safe to say I didn't even look at this guy's book because I was majorly insulted that he didn't know who he was addressing.

I can be contacted for reviews at the following sites :

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