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Friday, January 10, 2014

Orange is the New Black : Differences between Netflix Series, and book

I just started reading Orange is the New Black, which is a Netflix original series starring Jason Biggs of American Pie fame. The memoir by Piper Kerman so far is a straight up just the facts book about her time in a women's correctional facility, and it is slightly different from the series. Such as some of the dramatized scenes really happened to someone else, and they were exaggerated for the series. I can't really feel too sorry for this person, because she is white, and from a well to do family. If she had been anyone else that typically gets thrown in prison I'm sure her sentence would have been much longer. She had a strong support group of family, friends, and even a website dedicated to her....hence the title Orange is the New Black, because people wore orange in support of her. She is trying to be helpful to her fellow felons by including a list of resources for those who have found themselves incarcerated. So far it is a fast paced read, and I should finish it very soon.

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