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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review: Hellboy in Hell Vol. 2 Death Card

If you are like me then you absolutely love Hellboy. To be honest I don't think I have ever read a bad Hellboy book or even one that I did not enjoy. Of course one of the good things about Mignola's Hellboy is his stylistic drawing style that emphasizes heavy lines of shadow.

But enough of why Hellboy is so good. I read Hellboy in Hell Vol. 1 and of course I enjoyed that one too. So when I got the opportunity to read and review the follow-up, and finale for this series I jumped at the chance. This continues on with Hellboy's adventure through Hell. It features short stories about different people who have gone to Hell for some reason or another. Now I do not know if these are based on actual people, but there was a section of the book where it talked about them as if they were real people. The title is Death Card due to one short story being based on a gambler who could never lose. I really enjoyed reading this, and I rated it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. This releases on Oct. 18, 2016. Below I have included a link so you can pre-order a copy now.

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