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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Undead Murder Mysteries

This past week I had the chance to read 2 really cool graphic novels, which at first thought were going to be about zombies like The Walking Dead.  But upon reading these 2 graphics I discovered that they more of the undead type, and not ghouls. Both books were about  young women who had been murdered, and then returned to life to discover who had killed them.  The first example of this was considered a rural noir called Revival. This book took place in a small town located in Wisconsin where people who had  died came back to life on a specific day. This day was called revival day, and any who had died and came back to life on this day found it extremely hard to die again. They seem almost immortal, as wounds heal quickly, and they are renewed almost. The main plot of the story is trying to find just why this occurrence happened, and how. Also they are quarantined because the rest of the world fears that it is contagious. A mysterious being/entity is roaming the woods, and it makes you wonder if this is the reason the dead live again? This book reminds me a lot of the ABC show Resurrection, but with gore.

The other book I read was called Rachel Rising, and was another strange tale where the dead were coming back to life in the small town, called Manson (if the name of the town isn't creepy enough). This book is written and drawn by Terry Moore, who is known for his other comic book series, Strangers in Paradise.  Even though this has a similar plot as the other book I enjoyed this one much more. Moore just has a way of writing that seems to be more believable I guess or I just find his characters more readable. This book also contains a mystery figure who seems to be behind the murders, and resurrections of others within the town.  This was a 5 star read, and one that I cannot wait to get back into.

Both graphic novels are in black and white just to forewarn you if you are not really into those types of comics. But I would recommend these to those who like a good mystery with an added thrill. Even if you are not really into comics you may really enjoy these.

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