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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mignola's Vampires

There are so many varieties of vampires in fiction nowadays. From sparkly Twilight vamps to vicious rip your throat out 30 Days of Night by Niles. I have read so many books about vampires, and some have rather impressed me while others were just okay.
One book series that has impressed me by being different, but remaining entertaining are Mike Mignola's take on the vampire myth.  I will admit that I read the sequel first before I read the starting book to the series.  I liked the classical feel that he used to tell the tale of a vampire hunter set during the early 20th century.  Mignola's vamps are not just undead who drink blood, but are shape shifting ghouls who also feast on the flesh of the dead, and near dying. He describes them as carrion creatures.

The volume shown above is a graphic novel, and is drawn very similar to the style that Mignola is known for in his Hellboy comics. So when I picked up which I later discovered to be the start of the series I expected it to be a graphic novel too. The starting book to the Baltimore series is actually an illustrated novel that he had co written with another author. This book tells the story of how Lord Baltimore came to be a vampire hunter, and also reveals some other supernatural mythology as told from the point of view of a few people that know him. Even though it was different than I had expected I still found this to be a very good read, and one that I would recommend to others who enjoy the vampire genre.

I have also written a list of vampire books that I feel are worthy of being read found here - Best Vampire Books

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