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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 Guys Burger Joint Review

5 Guys is overrated, and overpriced. I say this because all I ever hear is how great this burger chain is from folks. When you walk in, and I have to say that I do not know if all locations are like this, but all they have for wall decorations are segments of "rave" reviews from national publications gracing the walls.  I went to this one specific location with my wife, and we thought it was going to be like going to Red Robin. If you have never gone to Red Robin before and you like good burgers then you must visit your nearest location. So we expected "gourmet" burgers, as everyone talked about how great their food was. We also thought that it would be a sit down establishment instead of just another fast food burger joint. We ordered two bacon cheeseburgers, and while yes the toppings are free....most didn't sound that appealing or perhaps it was the very plain red and white menu board that gave me that impression. We also ordered two regular size cajun french fries, because we had also heard how great those were too. We didn't order drinks, because frankly the order was already quite pricey at just over twenty dollars. I just went there and honestly I'm not impressed. The decor is so plain with the red and white checkered theme, and the carts of potatoes with boxes of peanuts that you are not sure if they are a waiting snack or part of the decor. I say this about the peanuts in the box because the other patrons who were waiting on thier food didn't even acknowledge that there were peanuts. I mean they just kind of blended into the plain decor as if they are not even there. When I got my overpriced hamburger I was so disappointed as it was nothing special. This seemed like the kind of burger I could have made for myself in my own kitchen....nothing spectacular whatsoever. If you have never been there you have to request the condiments to be added because they DO NOT even put ketchup on them unless you request it. The bacon was burnt and the cajun fries were over seasoned. Not too mention no ranch to dip the overly spicy fries...ONLY ketchup, and malted vinegar which you dispense yourself. To top it all off I had the worst stomach cramps later that nite from eating there.

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