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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review of Acid House by Irvine Welsh

I just finished reading Acid House, by Irvine Welsh. If you follow my booktube channel you know how much I enjoy reading this authors works.  This last book is a collection of short stories, a few poems, and a novella. Like all of the other books I have read by Welsh I really enjoyed this book. Like his other books this collection of stories involved the right of satire, drugs, sex, and shenanigans.

For instance, one story was about a man named Bob Coyle, who God chose that because he hated himself for not making the world a better place he would then punish Bob. He punishes Bob by turning him into one of the lowest forms of life, a fly.

Another story involved a young man named Coco Bryce, who has a tragic accident one night that he is tripping on acid on the night of a thunderstorm. He is struck by lightning, and finds himself inhabiting the body of a newborn baby. This was a rather comical story, and one that I remembered from the Acid House film. A talking baby as if that were not funny enough, but the things he does, and says were good for a laugh. Coco Bryce!

The last part of the book is a novella entitled "Smart Cunt", and is broken up into smaller chapters.  This story involves a first person account of a man named Brian, who seems to think that every important female in his life has abandoned him. First his mother when he was 8yrs old, and later his girlfriend who decides to go away to college in London. Brian chooses to cope with his sense of abandonment, and depression through drinking, drugs and reading horrible biographies. The title of this story has the same meaning as what we Americans refer to as a "smart alec", and I'm sure some people would be offended by the term used in the title, but this a perfect example of the way an average person living in the schemes of Scotland talks. The reader gets the impression that the main character is lost in his drugs, drinking and depression, because the story seems to jump from events in his life with no clear explanation of transitions.  This story is very tragic in it's telling and we get a feeling of pity for the main character, as he feels like people do not like him because he is a "smart cunt".

Like his other books that I have read so far I really enjoyed seeing into another life, and culture, which I may never get to experience, and one that I think is a good example of being a diverse read. I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

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