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Friday, May 16, 2014

Review of 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

I recently just finished reading 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill.  If you have been following my channel you know how much I like Joe Hill's other works, and could not wait to read this collection of short stories. This book is actually his first published work. I did a review of his first published novel, which came out after this publication, and I was very impressed by how deep that book was. That was my first impression of this author, and that review can be seen here  down below -

Besides that review I had also reviewed his newest book NOS4RA2, and made a tribute page on Squidoo. So I have been a fan of this author for quite a while now.  Below is my progress, and a brief synopsis of each story contained within this book.

If someone were to ask me just what were my favorite stories from this book I would have to say 20th Century Ghost, and The Black Phone were the best in my opinion.  The main title story was really sad, because it was a bout a girl who was a movie fan, and just happened to die from an aneurysm while watching the Wizard of Oz. She never got to see the end of the movie, and her ghost had a special relationship with the theatre owner. So the ending of that story was very touching.  The Black Phone was good because it was the fantasy of the pedofile getting what he deserved in the end.

While I love Hill's other works I just found this book to be an average book, and he has written much better works since this. If you are a fan of his other novels or perhaps a fan of his father than I do think you should give this book a fair chance.

04/19page 30
9.0%"Best New Horror- creepy. life imitating art."
04/21page 54
17.0%"20th Century Ghost- the ghost of a young girl haunts a movie theater. too fast,but nice ending."
04/23page 70
22.0%"Pop Art- Jewish balloon boy,literally a balloon. strange and weird."
04/24page 92
29.0%"You Will Hear the Locust Sing- teen turns into a giant bug..."
04/26page 113
35.0%"Abraham's Boys- strange. Van Helsing and are vampires real or a sick fantasy of the father."
05/02page 139
43.0%"Better than Home- About a kid with anxiety and a drooling problem. ...zzzzz."
05/04page 173
54.0%"The Black Phone - Pedophile kidnaps the wrong kid...
In the Rundown - euphemisms about running bases, and a run for help."
05/09page 200
63.0%"The Cape- Slightly different than the comic series, but still very good. Loser whose only talent is that he can fly while wearing this cape."
05/10page 256
81.0%"Last Breath - Creepy Doctor keeps last breaths in a museum...saw that ending coming.
Dead Wood - Can trees be ghosts?
The Widow's Breakfast- Sad story about hobos, and a widow.
Bobby Conroy Comes Back From the Dead - Love story well sort of man reminisces about an ex girlfriend."
05/12page 270
85.0%"My Father's Mask- A very strange tale of the masquerade house,and the playing card people."
05/15page 313
99.0%"Voluntary Committal - With the imagination of a child he can build mazes that people literally get lost in."

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