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Friday, January 15, 2016

This Week In Review: 1/15/16 Star Wars

Being a blogger/vlogger(Youtube) is not easy. It's a lot of trial and error. You always have to try out different approaches to reaching an audience or creating new content that people will watch. Basically, it's an ever-evolving process. I know I will not stop reading as many comics. I love the medium and will continue to share my discoveries with you guys. I originally used to do hauls, but over time felt that while hauls get views I felt like I was misleading my subscribers, and felt that they were worthy of more substance. So I moved on to doing wrap-ups, which were basically mini reviews of the trades I read for that week. I think doing mini reviews is the proper way to showcase new comics both worthy and not so worthy of publicity. But finding the proper title for this type of ongoing thing was very hard to think of and I think this new title is more direct. I don't do themes every week, and I hope you guys get something out of this. I had a lot of fun reading all of the variety of Star Wars books I read for the week.

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