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Friday, November 20, 2015

Comics Weekly Wrap Up 11/20/15 Image Comics

So I was almost going to write a separate blog about Image Comics, but when I decided to finally read and review some books I had bought over the past year I figured I would do it here.  I'll admit that growing up I was a huge Marvel fanboy, but over the last few years since the aquisition of Marvel by Disney their stories have just not been up to standards. I have noticed over the past year that Image seems to be more appealing to the Mature audience, as their books have more mature content( besides gratuitus nudity and sex filled panels) they are writing and telling adult oriented stories. Being a comics reader that has grown up and wanting something more substantial I am appreciating Image as a comics company more and more every day. So if you can handle adult oriented, NSFW, and raunch adult humor....then you really should check out this comics company.

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