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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Unusual Gifts for the Undead Enthuiast

Supernatural Presents

A friend of mine had a wishlist item that he posted on Facebook, and it was of a zombie bird feeder. I had never seen nor heard of such a thing in my life.(at the time I originally wrote this for Squidoo, and Amazon had such an item) So I did some further research and found some other unique items for fans of zombie/horror genre to enjoy. I have compiled a list of some in no particular order. Some are silly, some are fun, but all are ghoulishly good. So have fun, and browse this list.

My Zombie Family - Family Car Stickers

My family stickers seem to be all the rage now, but who wants to be just like everyone else. Show your different with these zombie family stickers.
My Zombie Family - Family Car Stickers
My Zombie Family - Family Car Stickers
Family car stickers, shaped like zombies!
Featuring zombie dad, mom, brother, sister, baby, cat and dog, as well as a heart-shaped brain
Easy to apply - simply peel and stick the vinyl sticker
Weatherproof ink - long lasting and not affected by rain or sun
Removable with no residue mess - simply pull off and clean window with glass cleaner

Gingerbread Zombie Cat - Christmas Ornament

Gingerbread Zombie Cat - Christmas Ornament
Gingerbread Zombie Cat - Christmas Ornament
It's a "gornament," a zombie-themed Christmas ornament shaped like a gingerbread zombie cat
Exquisite level of gory details - handcrafted by local indie artist
Material: tough urethane resin
Unique: no two are exactly alike - paint details may vary as they are hand painted
Hanging loop

These were just a few of the items that I discovered. This was a fun thing to research, and if you click any of the above links you can find other things zombie related.

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