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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Priest (2011) Film Review

Just finished watching this futuristic vampire apocalypse film from 2011. Like others who wanted to see this film... I saw the trailer and was impressed by the fast paced action scenes, and dark imagery.  It wasn't until I started to watch this that I discovered that it was based on a comic book from Tokyo Pop of the same name. So I never read this title, and may have to check it out due to having seen this movie.

Set many years in the future vampires have revealed themselves to humanity , and took over. An all out war happened, and the surving humans think they have eradicated the vampires.  Society is watched over by Vampire Hunting Priests...hence the title. A human girl (with ties that are later revealed in the film)is kidnapped, and the main character Priest (Paul Bettany) has the mission to recover her and try to kill the vampire queen. There are very few dull moments, and this is a very fast paced action packed film. I would say this is like "Mad Max meets Dracula" type of film. For those who like vampire films or action films this is a good one to see. Although I did only rate this 3 out of 5 stars on Netflix.  I just wished that a little more background and introduction to the main characters would have made this more enjoyable for me.

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