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Monday, August 4, 2014

Rehabilitated Zombies (PDS- Partially Deceased Syndrome)

If you are a fan of the show  The Walking Dead then you need to check out this BBC America series called In The Flesh. Sadly I discovered this series, after it had already debuted, but better late than never. I started watching it from the start of the 2nd Series. SO I recently caught up on the event of the debut series by renting the first DVD.
If you have not heard of this series before it takes place in Wales(UK), and it's a world where the dead rose on a particular day. But not all of the dead came back to life...only certain random people. They did come back as flesh eating monsters, but people learned that they could be rehabbed by using a chemical injected into their spinal columns. These PDS "sufferers" as they are often called are ostracized by the community and are treated rather poorly. Those who have not received treatment are called "Rabids"

So these people are entering a world that is scared, hates them, and they are not sure where they fit in. Are they still human or Undead? This also gives rise to cult like religions on both sides dealing with the "Rising". All of these elements along with very likable cast of characters has made for quite the interesting and not the average zombie TV show.

Past episodes can either be rented or purchased on disc format, and viewed by streaming on Amazon. No one is paying me to review this show, and I receive a very small commission for my links.

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