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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ideas lead to Revolution

I just recently finished reading the first volume of a series written by Grant Morrison. In this book the notion that writings of several authors over the course of time have shaped our world in ways that we tend to overlook. I had never really thought of this before and I would have to agree that it is right. Ideas from people such as John Lennon, Mary Shelley, Marquis De Sade, and some others I cannot recall at the moment have changed the way society as a whole views the world.  Morrison used these ideas as the main tool to explain how his secret society called The Invisibles have created revolutions versus the ones who would seek to enslave us. This team almost seem like outcasts, as it consists of some homeless people, and one is a transvestite. Legends, and old forgotten religions, and a little bit of surrealism made up another part to this book. It is a unique book that at one point reminded me of The Clockwork Orange, as the juvenile prison was brainwashing boys. It was an average read for me one that I didn't really think was great , but didn't suck. I think I may finish reading the whole series at some point.

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