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Thursday, October 30, 2014

RASL Review

When I uploaded this video...I was experiencing trouble with my camera, and had to film a very quick review of this graphic novel. I didn't get to say all that I wanted to say about this great story. I do have another camera coming in the mail, so in the meantime I decided to supplement this video review with this blog post.

I rated this graphic novel by Jeff Smith (the creator of Bone) 5 stars on Goodreads.  I thought this was a very strong suspenceful scifi story. But I didn't really like the artwork. Sometimes the characters looked like real people and then other times they looked too cartoony. This was my only negative about this book. Aside from that I found this story to be a page turner that I read in a very short time. The talk about Tesla, and alternate dimensions had me intrigued, and make me want to do my own research into these topics.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Horns by Joe Hill: A book and film reviews

I have owned a copy of Horns by Joe Hill for almost over a year before I decided to read it. It seems to be a popular Halloween read, and one that is quite trendy due to the release of the film here in the USA on Halloween night. I have been waiting a very long time to view this film, and recently got an opportunity to watch it.  For a limited time the film is available to stream on certain sites. For those who are curious as to what I thought of both the film and the book please watch the video above.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Filth: A Film Review

To date I have seen three of Irvine Welsh's films based on his books, such as Trainspotting, Acid House, and Filth. All of these works seem to involve a a broken person who is wrapped up in a mixture of Sex, drugs, and Rock 'n Roll, with the exception of the last film I watched, Filth. Filth was a about a broken person named, Bruce Robertson (played by James McAvoy) who likes to live life fast with a mixture of sex with various women, and a bit of an alcohol/coke habit. All seems fine at the start of the film, as we see that the main character seems to have it all. He has a beautiful wife, and daughter. He's in the running for a promotion at the police station. It's later that we see him unravel a bit, and see that not all is as it seems. We find out that he visits a shrink to deal with some sort of problem that isn't mentioned till much later in the film. I don't want to spoil this film for those who have not seen it, but this was just as good as Trainspotting. Although Filth lacked the musical thrill that the first film had to offer. I rated Filth 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix, which I may add has this movie as streaming.